Agrotouristic lodging ZUBROWY SZLAK is located in the quiet village of Babia Gora, situated on the edge of the Bialowieza Forest. Babia Gora is located in the valley of the upper Narew and is the last village before the state border with Belarus. This is a free-standing, wooden, year-round house, having a separate entrance for guests. There are beds for 16 persons. Babia Gora and Agrotouristic lodging Zubrowy Szlak are perfect places for tranquility from the bustle of modernity.

     On the ground floor there are decorated dining room with fireplace, kitchen, sauna and bedrooms. Besides accommodation there is a world covered and place on grill.

          Agrotouristic lodging ZUBROWY SZLAK is up to:

  • Siemianowka Reservoir and Narew River - 500 m
  • Bialowieza Forest - 400 m
  • bus station - 100 m.